Posted by: captainsmashed | January 4, 2008

Pikmin 3, The Clues are Compiling

Well, it’s really inevitable. But thank goodness it IS inevitable. Pikmin 3 is coming and a few clues hint that.

Pikmin was released in 2001 on the Nintendo Gamecube, and was an instant hit. People complained about the 30 Day time limit (In game days) but was resolved when

Pikmin 2 was released for the gamecube in 2004, about 3 years after. There was an unlimited time limit, and this time Olimar’s company has gone bankrupt, and he has to colect treasure. It was even more sucessful at the first selling over 1 million copies thus being the second most sucsessful game on the Gamecube
(1. Super Smash Bros Melee- 6 Million)

The first hint.
1. It’s popularity.

The Pikmin Franchise has gone “dormant” untill an interview with creator Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2007.

Q: Will we see more of Pikmin?
Myamoto: I certainly don’t think we’ve seen the last of Pikmin. I definitely would like to do something with them, and I think the Wii interface in particular is very well suited to that franchise.

2. Miyamoto himself.

The final and biggest clue has come recently. Pikmin’s patent had ran out. Nintendo needs an active patent to make more Pikmin games. If don’t don’t renew it, Pikmin might run out of luck.

3. They renewed the patent. Thus giving them rights to create another Pikmin game.

I personally think that Pikmin 3 could be the leader of Nintendo’s fleet at E3 2008. If they choose to reveal it, obviously there will be screaming, and crying of joy. I will be glued to my tv during E3 with hopes to see Pikmin 3 there. The good thing is I just got Pikmin 2 for Christmas. Probably one of the last copies to be sold. I can tell you this. It will hold off my Pikmin needs for a while. That said, Nintendo, all I need is a confirmation at E3. That will hold it off a little longer. Please, Nintendo. Make the confirmation.



  1. Hey man, I really LOVE your article. (sorry I’m French), I love Pikmin. And I wait Pikmin 3 since Pikmin 2 (8 october 2004!!!!). I agree with ALL your article, even if i don”t understand everything.

    I WANT PIKMIN 3, like you, juste a confirmation about the development…

    II image a very big Online, with a beautiful game, news Pikmin, new world…

    My email adress, to discuss about :

    To finish, a friend of me said that he see the first image of Pikmin 3 in the official Nintendo Magasine English, on the last cover…like if the magasine will announce the game. Is that true or not? Because I search everywere…and I don’t find anything.


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